Established in 1989 Svensson Ranch & Team 24

I offer online lessons for beginners to advanced riders. Stable management and specialised training courses available. 

Education OPTIONS

You receive online feedback on your work. You will receive constructive and easy to understand tips from me.

Online or on site training for a safe and easy to load horse. My speciality is problem solving and you will receive hands on training schedule to build up the partnership with your horse.

Whatever problem you have with your horse I will listen and help you find a way to work with it.

If you are about to buy a horse or sell a horse I can consult you so it will be a fantastic experience. Try me!

Lessons Pricing

1/2 hr Introductory lesson 30 €
1/2 hr private lesson 45 €
1 hr trailer loading lesson 150 €
45 min problem solving 75 €
20 min consulting 50 €
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